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Five Signs That Your Sewer Line Might Need Replacement

Everyone has experienced clogs in sinks and toilets. They are usually a minor inconvenience and are remedied with a drain cleaning product, plunger, or a snake if it’s a more serious clog. What does it indicate, though, when there are persistent clogs and when they happen in more than just one toilet or sink throughout the house? This may signify a clogged or broken sewer line.

Where Is The Sewer Line

If you live in a city, chances are, your home’s plumbing drainage system is connected to the main sewer drain that runs underground along the street in front of your house. The line that connects all of your home’s drainage pipes to this street sewer is your home’s main sewer line.

This line will typically be accessed by other pipes in your home in the basement or the crawlspace underneath your home if it has no basement. It will also be on the side of the house facing the street where the city sewer pipe will be. It is a critical part of your home’s overall plumbing system, and any problems with it must be quickly remedied.

How Will I Know If I Need a Sewer Line Repair or Replacement?

A definitive diagnosis of a problem with your sewer line will require the services of a Tennessee plumbing professional. That being said, there are definite indications of a clogged or broken sewer line. The following list will give you a helpful place to start.

Frequent Malfunctions in Your Water Fixtures

Do you have frequent clogs in your toilet, sinks, or bathtub? Do you plunge what you think is a clogged drain with all your might, but it doesn’t remedy the situation? Sometimes, there may not even be a clog. Instead, the water just drains slowly. If you have persistent problems like this, then you may need a Tennessee plumbing company to check your home sewer line.

Have You Had Long-Term Drainage Issues?

Have problems like those mentioned above persisted over several months? Chances are, it’s not simply one pipe but rather the main sewer pipe that they all drain into.

How Old Is Your Home?

If you are encountering clogs or backups, the age of your home may be playing a role. Quality plumbing installations last a long time, but nothing lasts forever. This goes for your home’s sewer line as well. If your home is a few decades old, its sewer line has probably seen better days and needs replacement rather than simply repair of a given break.

Are There Many Big Trees on Your Property?

With the Blue Ridge Mountains running through Tennessee, this state is known for having a variety of trees, such as oaks, maples, and dogwood. Trees can add beauty to any home’s landscaping. Big trees, however, mean big root systems. These roots can run for many yards underground. Sometimes, they will run into your home’s sewer pipe. Sewer pipes being infiltrated by tree roots is one of the main causes of home sewer line problems. Once such a root intrusion has occurred, there’s really nothing a homeowner can do to fix this problem except to call a Memphis plumber or a Germantown plumber to fix it.

Strange Sounds When Using Your Plumbing Fixtures?

When you flush the toilet or run the faucet in your bath or sink, do you hear unusual gurgling or bubbling sounds? Are there any air bubbles when flushing the toilet? These can all be signs of a clogged sewer line.

What to Do if You Think You Have a Sewer Line Problem

The last thing you want to do when it comes to plumbing issues in your home is to play guessing games. Water that backs up in drains can flood over the edge of toilets and sinks and cause damage to flooring and other parts of your home. When a sink, toilet, or bathtub clogs, you can try a retail drain cleaning product or a plunger. If it persists, you can see if a snake will clear the clog. When these actions don’t resolve it, you need to get any drainage or clogging issues professionally diagnosed to definitively determine their cause.

Tennessee Plumbing Professionals

At River City Plumbing, we are experienced pros when it comes to all types of plumbing problems, and bad sewer lines are no exception. Our master plumbers can quickly diagnose the problem and tell you what’s involved in fixing it.

Whether you need a Memphis plumber or a Germantown plumber, we are here to help diagnose and resolve any residential and commercial Tennessee plumbing problems. Please contact us at your earliest opportunity. We will professionally inspect your home’s sewer line.

We can readily assess if a tree root has intruded into it. In this event, we may only need to repair or replace a small section of it. In situations where the root has caused extensive damage or the pipe is very old, we may recommend an entirely new sewer line. When we do sewer line repairs and replacements, we’ll get the job done as quickly as possible, so any inconvenience from excavation work on your property will be minimized.

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